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Melissa Klein
When paparazzi, obligations, and pride tear Bash and Grace apart. Will the stubborn scriptwriter come to his senses in time, or will movie star, Grace marry the wrong man?

Series: Out of Uniform Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: August 16, 2017
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Before filming starts on her next movie, America’s sweetheart, Grace Carradine, wants a girls’ night out. As she dons a disguise to evade the paparazzi, her brown hair isn’t the only deception, so is her upcoming marriage to her costar. Naval-pilot-turned-author, Sebastian "Bash" Baron finds his friends are pairing up and starting families. Given his history, he knows that life isn’t for him—even if the period romance he wrote is being made into a movie. Those stories only exist in fiction—or other people’s lives.
The two begin a secret romance, meant to last only as long as the starlet is on location in Bash…

Review: Claiming Eden

Claiming Eden by Kele Moon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was one I demanded so loudly of Ms. Moon to write. Write it she did, after the issues she had to overcome with her publisher. As soon as it came out, I bought. But I did not read it. I held it and kept looking at it, but not daring to open it. Why? Because I built the story so much in my head, I was afraid I would be disappointed. In someways, I was a bit disappointed. Yet in other ways, this was a lovely closure to a story that was a long time coming. Even though this book is number 3 in the series, it can be read out of order. In fact, the 1st book in this series is probably best read last.

I cried in this book. I seem to be reading books that make me tear up. Otherwise it could be early onset menopause, who knows? This is the Danny who is still in transition. This is the Danny who does not know if he can keep his best friend, Paul safe. Paul's masochist tendencies are too extreme and dangerous. I hated Paul's fam…

Review: The Billionaire's Intern

The Billionaire's Intern by Jackie Ashenden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Billionaire alpha male romances have been taking the erotica world by storm for the past couple of years. One would think I would be jaded by now. Whilst this may be true, Ms. Ashenden happens to pull me out of my jaded funk with her Billionaire Fairy Tale series. This one caught me off guard and I really enjoyed it.

In this latest novel, it features Lorenzo De Santis, the half brother of Nero in the second book in this series. This book can be read as a standalone. Lorenzo and Nero not only share a father, they share their hatred for their father. Determined to bring down the man, the two team up to figure out how their father is stealing so much money from their own company. Their ruthless father did not get to where he is by being a fool. He has his own plans in how to find out about Lorenzo's plans. Their father's secret (or not so secret) weapon is Kira Constantin. Kira is the daughter of Lorenzo'…

Review: Church

Church by Michelle Hughes
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Some people are just a-holes from birth. Sebastian Church is one who was nurtured into being a ruthless son of a bitch. His past colours his view of people. Any type of leniency with the belief that people are inherently good is not within his mindset. He believes the worst in people and unfortunately he is proven more right than wrong. This is, until he meets Ashley.

Ashley is a naive young thing who wants to make it big in New York. She graduated from a no-name school but thinks she can find a job running with the big boys. In my jaded age, I scoff at Ashley's optimism and laugh at her naivety. She does find a job with Sebastian through her "bestie". I can't remember bestie's name, but suffice to say, he should be called cowering asshat. He is caught embezzling from Church and to save himself, he sells Ashley to Church as a sex slave. What a great friend.

So there are two thoughts of this plot. For some, this…

Review: Desire, Deceit, and the Doctor

Desire, Deceit, and the Doctor by Kryssie Fortune
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Second chances are hard to come by and when it appears, grab it with both fists, tightly. Sometimes it is the right people at the right time and sometimes it's the right people at the wrong time. For Mandy and Adam, their first time was right people at the right time. Unfortunately for them, Adam's immaturity and insecurity pushed them apart. Adam was a coward and unable to communicate effectively. However, he was only a boy, so what can one expect from a foolish high school boy? Mandy in her inexperienced fear is easily chased away. Now that both are older and hopefully wiser, they can start again.

Ms. Fortune's contemporary romance is new to me as I usually read her paranormal ones. This contemporary romance is sweet and kept exciting with a bit of suspense. It does limit her creativity to be grounded in reality. My preference is her paranormal genre. Still, the character development in this story …

Review: The Red

The Red by Tiffany Reisz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How to categorize this book? It defies boundaries, just like its writer. I found this lovely gem through a new app on my mobile, Radish. I loved the first few chapters so I had to get the entire book. I could not find it available in stores at the time so I went to Netgalley. To my extreme delight, I found it there. This book is fantastic and well worth the read.

For those who like supernatural stories, this is the book for you. Lovers who defy the natural world are somehow a bit more exciting and erotic. In this tale, Ms. Reisz creates an erotic feast in role playing which is so realistic, the line between reality and fantasy are blurred. Specifically for Mona Lisa St. James who is desperate to save her mother's art gallery. When a man comes to Mona for a deal which would net her the millions she needs, she takes him up on this offer.

I am impressed with how Ms. Reisz creates this world. It is a simple vengeance tale with so many e…

Review: All That Shatters

All That Shatters by James Cox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

And so it comes to an end, the Mars colony finally destroyed the planet and there is nowhere to go but home. The last three ships containing the remaining folks are heading to Earth. It is a full evacuation. Full disclosure, I missed book four so I may be missing a few pertinent details. Still, this book can be read as long as the first three books are read.

This book finally focuses on Elric, the good and quiet one. He's the nice guy who is everyone's friend. Unfortunately, this means he is the last choice when it comes to being chosen as a lover. This is, until he is left as the last survivor on Mars with Max. Due to the conspiracy which is still unresolved, Elric may never make it home to his fathers' planet. With a little bit of luck and a mechanic with a desire to live, the two of them figure their way off the planet. In the middle of all of this, they find some time to have a little fun.

Sometimes when two peop…