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Circle of Desire (Damask Circle, #3)Circle of Desire by Keri Arthur

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Children kidnapped, tortured and killed is abhorrent.  Immediately, this plot is going to generate more emotion in me.  I'm actively engaged and wanting to know more.  I want the evil responsible to be completely exterminated.  This is a job for Katherine aka Kat.  She and her grandmother are part of the investigative team from Damask Circle.  They are psychics and shifters prepared to do what they must to hunt down the kidnappers and rescue the children.  They are hindered by a "muggle" cop, Ethan. 

Ethan is a werewolf shifter yet he doesn't believe in the paranormal world.  His eyes are forced wide open as Kat exposes him to zombies, vampires and witches - oh my!  Ethan struggles with his need to bring the perpetrators to a court of law and putting them down.  Is it wrong to not have issues with killing monsters?  Yes, I have no issues being judge, jury and executioner.  It seems Kat doesn't have this issue either.

This tale is my favourite in the series.  Kat is a strong female who is a survivor.  The emotional stabbing from Ethan makes me crazy.  Ethan is one baggage laden boy.  His hang ups are understandable even if a bit immature.  There are many times a reader may want to slap Ethan out of his self-pity party. Ms. Arthur creates interesting characters with layers to explain their motives.  She also paints the monsters in this book with some pretty evil acts.  Ms. Arthur doesn't sugarcoat or avoid the nasty parts of humanity.  This extreme delineation between good and evil is balanced with the character flaws in her hero.  He's not perfect.  In addition, Kat isn't pure either.  She does some questionable things to justify her end goal. 

This book is a fast read.  The characters do have steamy chemistry with some lovely rough sex.  The erotic piece to this book is greater than the other two in this series.  It's a pleasant surprise and quite arousing.  This tale is recommended to paranormal lovers who love a kick ass heroine.

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      Circle of Desire (Damask Circle, #3)




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